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Thread: simple salad

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    simple salad

    simple salad

    dressing any flavor defend of you taste

    combined all vegetables and mixed the dressing with honey "{for me i prepared mayo and a little honey]"

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    Simple but very helpful. Some very nice recipes in this forum, I wonder why members are not sharing recipes any more. I use these amazing vegetables and leafy greens to stay healthy, fit and also for losing weight. I'm eating healthy foods like fruits, nuts, beans, berries, fish, lean meat, whole grains and super foods like green tea with lemon, honey, black berries and avocado. Of course you also have to avoid all kinds of junk and processed foods and do exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.
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    There are no such things as "super foods" imo. A simple salad of some form should be in EVERY meal. What I have been doing for years is buying the prewashed salad greens/mix from costco and adding a couple hand fulls to EVERY meal. It doesn't get much simpler than that. This will add a ton of fiber to your diet as well as the vitamins/minerals your body takes out of the vegetable material. You can of course eat more vegetables, but the two hand fulls is my standard addition to any meal.

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    I think there are many "super foods" but alot are just hype. some foods are natty high in nutrients and others low. I think its good to have a good veriety. but not by into the bs hyped ones like "gojie berries" for eg. yes high in vit C... but so are many others.
    sea weed is pretty good on minerals

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